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If you’re still sleeping on TikTok… WAKE UP!

Gone are the days of thinking that TikTok is solely for pre-teens dancing and lip syncing in their bedrooms. In fact, more than half of all users on TikTok are over the age of 30. This has helped the app to become a powerful marketing tool for brands and businesses of all kinds, leading to phenomenal growth opportunities.

With more than 3 BILLION downloads since entering the App Store in 2016 and crossing the 1 BILLION monthly active users mark, TikTok has grown to be larger than Twitter and SnapChat combined.

This rapid growth explains why stalwarts of economy like, billionaire, Ray Dalio and Fortune 100 companies like Amazon are promoting their message on the platform almost daily.

But, its astronomical growth isn’t even the most interesting part. It’s search

In the world of search, Google has reigned supreme for more than 20 years. It’s the #1 search engine on the planet and Google’s parent company, Alphabet, owns the #2 search engine on the planet, YouTube.

However, TikTok surpassed YouTube on average monthly watch time in 2021 and is on pace to surpass total annual watch time by the end of this year.

What’s more? Nearly 40% of Gen Z are leaving Google’s search platform in favor of TikTok and Instagram for a more visually rich search and discovery experience.

This is a mind-blowing shift in advertising opportunity.

If you’re a business owner or marketer looking to get in on the TikTok action, now is the time.

What is the TikTok Business Center?

If you’re looking to use TikTok for business growth, you need to know about the TikTok Business Center. This is a powerful tool that allows brands to manage their account and track their performance on the platform. In this tutorial, we will walk you through how to use the TikTok Business Center. We’ll cover everything from creating an account to understanding the different metrics available.

Why set up a TikTok Business Center?

You’ll want to set up your ad account and use TikTok Business Center when you’re ready to start running ads on TikTok. The Business Center allows you to track your performance and understand your audience, while allowing for easier collaboration and greater control. It also gives you access to features that are not available in the regular app, such as custom audiences and creative insights.

How do I set up my TikTok Business Center?

Creating an ad account

To become an advertiser on TikTok, you’ll want to create an ad account first. You can do this by going to the TikTok for Business website and clicking the “Create Now” button. (or simply click here). You’ll then create an account by filling out your email address and creating a password.

You’ll request the verification code to be sent to your email, accept the terms of use, and click ‘sign up’.

When asked which Ads Manager mode best suits your needs, I recommend you select ‘Custom Mode’, as that gives you the most control over your ads.

Click ‘Dashboard’ in the top left of your nav bar to get into your dashboard. From there, you’ll want to click the briefcase in the top right of the nav bar in order to be taken to the TikTok Business Center.

Give your Business Center a name and fill in the billing information.

You’re now in your business center. You’ll want to select ‘Advertiser Account’ on the left-hand nav bar.

Now, select ‘Request Access’.

You’ll want to go back into your ad account and copy your ‘Account ID’.

From here, you’ll want to paste the Account ID into the text box labeled ‘Account ID’ within TikTok Business Center. If you’re running the account, select admin access (if not, select the appropriate level). Then select request. If you own both accounts and used the same email address in setting them up, you’ll automatically get your access approved. If you’re an agency requesting access to a client’s account, they’ll get a notification that you’ve requested access to their account that they will then need to approve.

That’s it. You now have your TikTok Business Center and Ad Accounts set up.


What happens if I already have a TikTok account?

If you’ve downloaded TikTok, you’ll need to convert your account to a business account.

Convert to a business account

  1. Go to your profile and click the hamburger icon ☰ in the top right corner
  2. Click the settings gear icon ⚙
  3. Select ‘Manage Account’
  4. Select ‘Switch to Business Account’
  5. Take advantage of everything the business account has to offer

From there, you’ll start the process over from the top of the article only log in with your TikTok account, as opposed to creating an account with your email.

What features do you get with a TikTok Business Account?

  1. Insightful performance and audience data
  2. Seamless linking
  3. Creative guidance for brands
  4. Exclusive video showcases
  5. Massive commercial music library
  6. Intuitive business suite

Can you switch between Business and Personal accounts?

Yes, you are allowed to switch back and forth between account types as often as you’d like.

What benefits does a Business Account provide?

Business accounts primarily offer three core values – richer analytics to understand performance, email functionality for direct contact, and website promotion through your website link.


Whether through TikTok ads, influencer relationships, or organic content created on you TikTok account, you need to take advantage of the rate of growth that’s happening on this platform in order to better grow your business. This is an absolute no brainer.

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