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Content is king. And, what’s higher than a king? The crown (yep… I went full on dad joke). If that is the case, though, then visual content is the crown jewels. It’s the attention grabbing content that pulls 90% of TikTok viewers back onto the app every… single… day.

In fact, we’re hardwired for visual stimulus. You could have processed 60,000 times (yes, thousand) the amount of information in video and imagery during the same time that you read this sentence. This is why visual content is make or break in your marketing efforts. This is why Vidyard reports that marketers using video increases revenue nearly 50% faster than those who don’t. And, this is why you’ll be implementing video into your strategy going forward.

However, manually creating a professional video takes a lot of time and effort. And, when you add up the cost of studio space, video editing tools, hired professionals, and on and on, the expenses often spiral out of control. This is where the revolution of artificial intelligence comes into play.

That’s right. The robots are coming… but that’s a good thing.

The Wonder of A Video Generator and Artificial Intelligence to Create Videos

AI-powered video generators continue to attract beginner and professional content creators, producers, and video editors, alike. The truth is that an AI-powered video generator is the next logical step in content creation. Oftentimes, we’re faced with tight deadlines, resource or bandwidth limitations, or good ol’ creative blockers. But, the newest and most advanced AI video generators have intuitive built-in features. They’re cost-effective, efficient, and highly reliable for anyone needing to make video content.

Let’s take a look at the top AI video generators you should prioritize in 2022-23:

Synthesia AI


Synthesia is a great video generator that allows you to create hyper-realistic visual content in a few minutes. If you’re on a budget, but still want a professional-looking video, you can’t go wrong with Synthesia. Recently, Synthesia has become one of the more common choices for content creators getting into the AI-powered video generator game.

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And why wouldn’t it? Synthesia is perfect for marketers, agencies, and freelancers who understand the importance of creating high-quality visual content in little time. With Synthesia, you don’t have to worry about having video editing skills. Beginners can make the most out of the Synthesia AI tool and generate AI-powered visual content in an instant.

Synthesia Key Features

Here are essential features you will get from Synthesia artificial intelligence video maker:

  • Custom backgrounds
  • Free stock videos and images
  • Supports over 60 languages
  • Access to over 40 avatars
  • Access to more than 30 templates
  • Built-in feature to create and use a custom avatar for videos
  • Free background tunes and music 
  • Impressive customer support
  • Supports video embedding and sharing
  • Create SEO-driven marketing videos
  • Create personalized AI sales videos
  • Create 30+ long AI-powered videos

Synthesia Pricing

You can choose from two Synthesia pricing plans. Corporate pricing is custom, while personal pricing starts at $30/month.



Lumen5 is an excellent AI-based video-generating tool. Lumen5 uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms to turn text into videos. Lumen5 is best suited for beginners who want to create short videos on social media platforms for marketing purposes.

As an AI-powered video generator, Lumen5 is easy-to-use and understand… Once you draft your script and select a template, count on the Lumen5 system to cover suitable audiovisuals.

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Lumen5 also allows users to integrate a link to a blog post and redirect the content automatically to create AI-powered video. This approach works wonders for beginner content creators. Apart from text to video, Lumen5 features text positioning, video optimization options, highlighting, and a custom music library. Lumen5 also allows users to add still images and video clips.   

Lumen5 Key Features

  • Convert text into video in a few minutes
  • Offers font, resolution, and color customization in AI videos
  • Features numerous attractive templates

Lumen5 Pricing

Lumen5 features four paid plans and one free plan for users. You can opt for Business, Enterprise, Premium, and Creator plans.

The free plan will work forever and comes with no strings attached. But users get the restriction to generate 720p resolution videos with an official Lumen5 watermark.

  • Creator plan – $15 /month.
  • Premium plan – $79/month
  • Business plan – $199/month
  • Enterprise plan – Reach out to support quoted price

111.png is another AI-based video maker with unique built-in features and templates. One of the highlights of the video renderer is that it offers an impeccable user experience. The design and overall aesthetics of the tool make a great first impression on users. is ideal for content creators and designers who want to curate AI-powered videos quickly. You’d be surprised how many content creators and designers prefer as their favorite AI video generator. is designed for professionals and can support extensive and scalable projects.

Whether it’s speech creator, mockup creator, design creator, or making logo, features an impressive list of built-in features. The layout and structure of are neat and clean, which makes the tool more attractive for designers. The tool also comes with tutorials for beginner users to dive into the world of video editing and animation. Key Features

  • Transforms text into a video quickly
  • Supports over 20 languages in 50 different voices
  • Attractive layout and user interface
  • Features a variety of visual transitions, animations, and effects
  • No need for installation since the system works online
  • Allows users to see real-time changes and supports collaboration
  • Create AI-powered videos from custom templates
  • Allows uploading pre-selected video files to create AI-powered videos Pricing comes in three plans:

  • Basic – $29 / month
  • Pro– $69 /month
  • Enterprise – Reach out to customer support to get a quoted price


Having just raised $10.6M in a round led by Red Ventures (parent company of Lonely Planet, The Points Guy, and so much more) is well positioned to make a massive impact within the AI Content world. It works on the foundation of a deep learning engine known as Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) that allows users easily to make professional videos. has become an excellent tool for enterprises that have an extensive customer base. Primarily, the video producer caters to professional agencies that want to create customizable and professional videos for marketing and advertising purposes. With, enterprises can create personalized ad videos and marketing videos. Like top-tier AI video makers, uses standard text-to-speech scalable technology.

Using, enterprises can create personalized and geo-targeted video ads, personalized messages for sales funnel stages, and dedicated landing pages.

What Is on YouTube Key Features

  • Supports integration of various programs
  • Create high-resolution and quality videos  
  • Features AI celebrities and avatars
  • Choose from multiple AI voices
  • Supports functional personalization for presenters Pricing comes in two pricing plans for two different categories:

  • Rephrase Personalized Videos – suited for content creators and marketers who want to improve users’ experience.
  • Rephrase Studio – works as a cloud-based video production studio for cinematographers, actors, and camerapersons. 

You can contact the support team to learn how to make work for your marketing and advertising needs.

Synths Video

Synths Video had one goal. Tackle YouTube. It is easily one of the best AI video makers used to generate leads and drive traffic on YouTube. Synths Video is designed for professionals to create professional and high-quality-looking videos through blog posts. It is best suited for users who have new or established YouTube channels.

AI Video Generator

The automated AI video producer is an excellent choice for YouTube marketing and allows users to create impressive videos via uploaded articles. After that, users can upload videos straight to their YouTube channel. In comparison, the mechanics and features of Synths video are not so different from Synthesia. It automatically converts text to voice in the form of avatars. 

This video was created with Synths Video

Synths Video Key Features

  • Supports over 30 languages
  • Features over 40 avatars
  • Easy-to-use system user interface
  • Allows users to upload high-quality videos
  • Generates AI videos from custom URLs
  • Easy to connect and choose avatars
  • Supports integration of YouTube channel and allows users to upload videos to their channel

Synths Video Pricing

Synths video comes in two plans:

  • YouTube Start – $399/month.
  • Premium Custom Package – The higher the number of videos you want to render each month, the higher the price.

Final Thoughts

Whether used for promotional ads, business videos, basic work, or making YouTube videos, AI video producers have proven an effective way for creators to expand their opportunities while increasing audience and customer engagement. From easy-to-use to advanced there are a wide range of options.

Of course, your specific use case may be unique, so ensure you’re using the right tools to solve your needs. 

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