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There’s no denying the impact that COVID-19 had on the future of work. We went from a world where remote work was largely seen as a perk to a world where it is now the norm. And while there are plenty of remote jobs that are perfect for extroverts, introverts have unique skills and strengths that make them perfectly suited for remote work.

No need for small talk.

The ability to focus without interruption.

The feeling of peace by being alone.

While I’ve never been accused of being an introvert, I can’t begin to express the number of times I’ve wanted to say “please get out of my face and let me work alone”… I can only imagine the feeling an introvert has when the pressure to “be on” washes over them like a baptism in absolute anxiety.

If you’re an introvert, finding a job that allows you to work from home can be a lifesaver. In fact, it can downright give you the opportunity to shine. Fortunately, there are no shortages of opportunities. It’s just a matter of knowing where to look for the best online jobs to make money while being remote.

Knowledge Base Manager

This is hands down my favorite job for introverts. What’s really interesting is that hardly anybody talks about it.

I combed through the top Google results for best online jobs for introverts and didn’t see this pop up at all. I was shocked!

Okay, we get it. Nobody talks about it. But, what is it? What’s the opportunity? Tell me more.

If you’ve ever gone to a website and looked through their FAQs and support documentation, you’re looking at their Knowledge Base. The Knowledge Base Manager is the person who documents the “how-tos” of a website.

Let’s look at this example on Aweber’s Knowledge Base (“KB”). If you search support, you’ll be taken to their KB, where you are given options to better learn about commonly asked questions or functionality.

That’s all it is. It’s documentation with written out step-by-step instructions and screenshots. In fact, it’s a lot like this blog post. And, it’s high paying.

The median Knowledge Base Manager salary in the U.S. is right at $90K. Not too shabby.

To find these jobs, go to LinkedIn and, within ‘Jobs’, search:

  1. Knowledge Base Manager
  2. United States (or your home country)
  3. Remote Job

QA Analyst

If you get joy out of Where’s Waldo… like, a legitimate sense of accomplishment, then being a QA Analyst may be the ultimate work from home job. Why?

QA analysts fall within the natural progression of a company through their ability to problem solve, debug, and test code. In other words, they play an important role in a company’s ability to create software that is high quality and user-friendly.

The job of a QA analyst is to put themselves in the shoes of the customer and ask themselves: “if I were using this product/software, what would trip me up?”.

It’s a detailed oriented job that requires focus and concentration. The main thing, as an introvert, is that QA’ing software allows you, demands that, you are not engaged in group scenarios that could “pull your focus”. For introverts, this is one of those jobs that fully allows you to earn north of $83K+ (~$40 per hour) while working remotely.

While a bachelor’s degree isn’t always required, having a modest level of proficiency in javascript (java courses) and Microsoft Office or Google Docs (best Google Sheets courses) and pairing that with clear, empathetic organizational and communication skills will set you up for success.

Virtual Assistant

If you’ve ever been an administrative assistant or held a customer service job, becoming a Virtual Assistant (VA) is an excellent remote work from home opportunity.

The biggest difference between being an on-location administrative assistant and a virtual assistant is that there’s no face-to-face interaction required as a remote worker. You can provide your services to clients all over the world via email, phone, or video chat.

The most successful VAs are those who have experience with customer service, administrative work, project management, and/or social media marketing, but truthfully there are endless ways to make money as 16% of the adult workforce in the US are entrepreneurs who have a slew of needs to be met with remote work.

VAs can make a great living with hourly rates in the US that range from $15-$50+ per hour or by offering monthly retainers to clients.

While not always possible to avoid, I’d recommend you don’t ch an hourly rate (unless you’re unsure what to charge because the project is difficult to scope) and either put in place a monthly retainer or ‘per project’ fee.

To get started, check out these companies that are always hiring remote VAs:

  1. Boldly
  2. Time Etc.
  3. UpWork
  4. Fancy Hands

Or, you could start your own virtual assistant business. For example, Michelle Penczak started Squared Away, a VA firm that focuses on the hiring of military spouses for your virtual assistant. As a military spouse, Michelle identified with the fact that 76% of military spouses are unemployed. She set up shop to offer an opportunity that aligns with their lifestyles.

If the virtual assistant route is something you can relate to, but you’d rather start a business than be the assistant yourself, then perhaps you could have the focus be upon giving job opportunities specifically for groups you identify with.

Graphic Designer

Graphic design is one of the best jobs for introverts. Granted, not everyone is a natural artist. However, even if you can relate, graphic design is a great job that could still fall within your wheelhouse.

If you’re a creative introvert with an eye for detail, then becoming a remote graphic designer may be the perfect work from home job for you. Graphic designers are tasked with communicating ideas in a way that clearly conveys the message to consumers.

If you don’t feel you have the chops, then you could take an online course, take advantage of the ease of Canva, or go to the school of YouTube (free and abundant).

The average salary for a graphic designer is $100,172 according to

Start a Blog

Reminder, being an introvert doesn’t mean that you’re huddled in the basement of your parents’ house glued to the luminescent blue screen of your computer all night. It just means that you prefer calmer, less stimulating environments.

However, if you like the idea of being huddled in the dark typing feverishly (or even in a Starbucks with your headphones on) then look no further than blogging. It’s hands down one of the best online jobs.

The reason this is a great job for introverts is that you can do it from anywhere, and you don’t have to be face-to-face with people if you don’t want to be. You can also make a great living from it as many bloggers make over $100,000 per year from their sites.

To get started, all you need is a laptop, an internet connection, and a desire to write. Once you have those things, you can set up your blog in less than 30 minutes using WordPress or another platform of your choice.

Then, it’s just a matter of writing quality content that people want to read and promoting that content through SEO, partnerships and guest posts, or social media. If you do it right, the sky’s the limit.


Is remote work good for introverts?

As introverts tend to work better in a less busy environment and remote work may be a better way to thrive. There are less interruptions compared to open offices. This allows them more time to be productive on their own terms.


In my opinion, these are the absolute best remote jobs for introverts in 2022. So, if you’re an introvert who’s been wanting to work remotely, then take a cue from the above and earn money from home without having to deal with the incessant chatter of Carl by the office microwave.

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