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Mark Borum

About me

I’m an accidental entrepreneur…

I’ve started multiple companies. My first went from $0 to 8-figures before being acquired by AT&T. The second hit 7-figures in the first 6-months. I’ve helped to raise millions of dollars in fundraising and advised founders to help them get their first customers, raise their first $1 of investment, and earn their first $1M. But, I had no intention of becoming an entrepreneur. In fact, I was tricked into starting my first company. I had moved to NY to work as an actor. Next thing you know, I’m building my first company with my brother and changing my life’s trajectory forever… Now, I’m obsessed with the countless ways the internet can do the same for any and everyone if they want to pursue it.

We’ve all been sold the dream of passive income online…

In fact, I’ve paid for more training, followed more advice, and wasted more time than anyone should be willing to admit. I’ve tried shortcut after shortcut only to find that financial freedom isn’t a sprint, but a marathon. And, if you try to take a shortcut in a marathon, you’re disqualified.

I was disqualifying myself from getting to the finish line with every lazy attempt at success. You are too.

So, here’s my promise to you. If you’re willing to put in the work, I will help you to make money online.

It won’t be fast. It won’t be easy.

It will be real and long-lasting.

I took my first company from $0 to 8-figures to acquisition. My second company reached 7-figures in 6-months. Over the past decade, I’ve been working with and building marketing plans for some of the top brands, entrepreneurs, and influencers on the planet helping them to scale their businesses from 6- to 7- to 8- and, even 9-figures in annual revenue. I’ve had a hand in and a front row seat to the way they’ve each built their businesses and have been able to translate that access into a comprehensive understanding of which marketing tools, techniques, and opportunities are the best to help you in your journey as an entrepreneur.

So, if you have the grit… the actual ‘roll up your sleeves and get elbow deep in the muck’ grit and determination to become a success, then let’s get started.

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