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Michael Jordan (source)

Michael Jordan…

Serena Williams…

Steve Jobs…

When you think of these names, what do you think?

Do you think a basketball player? A tennis player? A founder?

My guess is no. Because they aren’t one of many. They are one of one. They are the basketball player. The tennis player. The founder. Many come close, but they’re the best. Period.

So, how do you get others to perceive you in the same light? As the best in the world?

Your Positioning Statement.

What is a positioning statement?

A positioning statement is an expression of how a given product, service or brand fills a particular consumer need in a way that its competitors don’t.

According to WhatIs

Simply put, it’s who are you? and how are you different?

How do I build the perfect positioning statement?

The best clients want to work with the best businesses. So, when trying to woo those clients to your business, do you say to them that you’re one of many? Absolutely not… unless that’s the position you’d like to take.

If you are Dollar Shave Club, you don’t say that you’re just a razor company. That means there are tons more options to choose from and that you’re not really differentiated and that you’re not the best.

Dollar Shave Club Positioning Statement: Our Blades Are F*ckin’ Great

Instead you focus on three words.

Three words to be positioned for greatness.

  1. The
  2. For
  3. Who

Dollar Shave Club is “The best razors for millennial men who are tired of paying a fortune for a clean shave.”

If you’re the real estate agent for first time home buyers who want to close quickly, then for your ideal clients you are the best solution.

Three words and your positioning has allowed you to become differentiated. Three words and you’re able to attract your ideal client.

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