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Let’s talk dirty.

Nasty. Grimy. Dirty.

Wait… back up. Not that!!! I’m talking about actual dirt, grit, and grime.

If you’re like me, you find something like this to be oddly satisfying:

But, that’s where it ends for me. Watching is satisfying, but the thrill wears off after the first 30 minutes of doing it myself.

And that’s what 17-year old, Matthew Capalbo, was banking on when he started his weekend job. And after seeing his 22M views on this video on TikTok, I had to check out the hype.

Here’s the claim from his Teachable course and he’s got the receipts to prove it:

I grew my business from $0 to $10,000 in under 30 days with ONLY $500 UPFRONT. When I started, I knew nothing, had no path, and doubted I could even get a single job. I fought and grinded to learn everything I know today.

Using all the knowledge I attained from my own experience: I structured an organized course to help you start in the most efficient way possible so you, too, can grow your business to beyond what you thought was possible and begin making over $100 AN HOUR regardless of your age or experience.

So, let’s dig in. Is it better to search for weekend jobs or is a pressure washing weekend side hustle legit?

How much to start a pressure washing side hustle?

First, the pressure washer. A quick Amazon search shows that you can have a high quality pressure washer for less than $350.

Trick out your washer with accessories to make your job easier and your work more thorough for less than $35:

Then finalize your setup with pressure washer cleaner for $20, extension ladder for $95, hose for $35, and liability insurance for $25/mo.

Your all-in costs to get this off the ground?

$560 and you have a pressure washing business.

How much can you earn with this side hustle?

So, now what? What will people actually pay for this? How do I find clients? What happens if I get dirty? Okay… if you’re asking the last question, then stick to affiliate marketing.

A quick google search to get national averages for pressure washing services:

Source: Bob Vila

$300 to do one house? Two houses and you’ve made a profit of $40! From that point forward, aside from your cleaning solution, liability insurance, and any marketing (more on that next), and it’s all profit!

How do you get your first clients?

When in doubt, I’m starting with “free” marketing by trying to build and lean into relationships. If you read this post, then you’d know that I think identifying trends is a great way to start building your side hustle. So, to find and build these relationships, I immediately thought ZILLOW.

It’s like crack for millennials. The only site that gets more monthly visits is PornHub… okay, that’s not true, but you get the point. Check out these monthly numbers:

Source: Google

29M monthly site visits.

And with the way this housing market is booming, you’ll find no shortage of real estate agents who are looking for ways to give homes that extra sparkle to get the best possible.

This will take a little bit of sweat equity, but finding one agent to partner with immediately opens the door to multiple homes. Build a relationship with 2–3 agents and you’re going to find that you’re cutting the gunk from more properties than you know how to handle.

Get your hands dirty. Build a fortune.

This is definitely a side hustle I can get behind.

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