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When it comes to viewing other people’s Instagram stories, you may not want everyone to know that you’re watching. Whether you’re creeping on your competition or your crush, there are numerous reasons to want to maintain your viewing habits private.

Fear not you little creeper, because there are a number of Instagram story viewers out there that will keep your dirty little secret. I’ve tested and reviewed the best anonymous Instagram story viewers on the market and have compiled my top 5 best anonig viewers into this blog post.

What is “anonig”?

Anonig is simply the shorthand for Anonymous Instagram. As in, the ability to watch Instagram stories anonymously.

Why use Instagram Story viewers?

We all have our reasons for wanting to maintain privacy. Sometimes you may want to view the content of other brands, influencers, or even your competition to get content and business ideas without them knowing.

There may also be personal reasons for wanting to watch someone’s story anonymously. Perhaps you’ve just met someone on a dating app and want to do some sleuthing before meeting in person. So you watch their IG Stories in order to determine if their social personality matches their dating personality. However, doing so anonymously ensures that you aren’t busted for doing your pre-date stalking.

Beyond that, finding content that aligns with your brand and or content voice when using an anonymous IG Story viewer also gives you the option to watch and download stories, videos, and photos completely free. [note: be mindful of repurposing content where the rights belong to the respective owners if you’ve not asked for permission]

Which is the best Instagram Story Viewer?

When parsing through the number of sites online, I took multiple factors into account when trying to decide which was the best instagram story viewer. Those criteria were:

  • Price: Do they offer a completely free service?
  • Functionality: Are you able to watch and download content?
  • Anonymity: Is it truly an anonymous service?
  • Speed: how quickly does the service allow you search, watch, and download a story?
  • Trustworthiness: Can you view without registration?

There are many sites that claim to have the ultimate Instagram Story viewer list, but after testing dozens of the sites recommended, I was exposed to terribly buggy site functionality, dangerous pop-ups and NSFW site links, slow load times, inability to pull data, and many more issues that indicated many of the blogs were just listing the same sites without doing any actual research.

With that, I’ve compiled a list of the only 5 Instagram story viewer websites you need to know.

Before we get into the details of each service, it’s important to understand that while these services will allow you to view someone’s story anonymously, there are could be some potential risks associated with using them. Given these sites aren’t affiliated with Instagram and the precautions Instagram has taken over their years to protect their website and accounts from potential threats, there is the potential that your account could be banned or shadowbanned by Instagram if you use these services too frequently. Please be mindful when using each service.

With that being said, let’s jump into the list.

Source: Earthweb seems to be the most user friendly of the bunch. Upon opening the site, you’re immediately met with a search bar where you can input the Instagram handle of whoever’s story you want to watch.

You’re then taken to a page that, of each website listed, allows you to view posts or insta stories with a UI that most closely duplicates the look and feel of Instagram itself.

While there is no limit to how many stories you can watch, there are some ads that pop up periodically.


– User friendly
– Most closely resembles Instagram
– Free
– No limit on how many stories you can watch


– Ads pop up periodically

Anonig Viewer

Anonig Viewer is one of the oldest services available, having been around since 2016. While their site isn’t as user friendly as, it’s functional and does what it’s supposed to do – allow you to view a story from someone anonymously.

Upon opening the site, you’re immediately taken to a search bar. However, there is no indication of what you’re supposed to be searching for. A quick Google search reveals that you’re actually supposed to be inputting the URL of the person’s Instagram profile whose story you want to watch.

For example, if I wanted to watch Kim Kardashian’s story, I would go to her profile on Instagram, copy the URL from my web browser, and input it into the Anonig search bar.

Once you input a valid URL and hit enter, you’re taken to a page that looks very similar to where you can view the story.


– Free
– No limit on how many stories you can watch


– Have to input URL instead of Instagram handle
– Outdated design


Stories IG
Source: StoriesIG

StoriesIG is one of the more popular Instagram story viewers available. When you input a username it makes recommendations on which username you’re trying to identify. Hit enter and you’re taken to a page where you can watch Instagram Stories anonymously or view and download content with the click of a button.

One thing to note is that StoriesIG doesn’t have a ‘load more’ functionality for infinite scroll like does. This means that if you want to watch multiple stories, you have to go back to the homepage and input a new URL for each story or for additional pieces of content.


– Free
– Easy and intuitive to use


– Lacks infinite scroll functionality


GreatFon - Instagram Viewer
Source: GreatFon

GreatFon is an online tool that allows you to view, download, and save any public Instagram story. While the ability to view and download IG Stories was inline with what I would expect, there were three glaring issues when it came to the profile and feed content.

First, neither the profile or any of the individual posts showed any of the actual performance data. The profile itself and photos and videos in the feed didn’t show any engagement, viewership, or follower numbers.

Second, the images in the feed were typically smaller and not as high quality as using Instagram on your phone.

Last, the download functionality tended to be a bit temperamental. At times I was able to download fine and other times clicking the download button did nothing.


– IG Story viewer worked as expected
– You can download stories


– No profile or performance data on profile or posts
– Images tended to be smaller and lower resolution
– Download functionality can be buggy


Source: Dumpor

Dumpor is one of the newer kids on the block, having only been around since 2019. The site has a very basic design and functionality. You input a username and hit enter and it takes you to a page where you can watch Instagram Stories anonymously or view and download content with the click of a button.

There are no frills with Dumpor. It gets the job done, but doesn’t have any of the bells and whistles that some of the other sites on this list have.


– Free
– Easy to use


– Basic design and functionality
– Lacks some features that other viewers have

How can I watch someones Instagram story without them knowing 2022?

Watching Instagram Stories through the app itself ensures that the account owner knows that you’ve seen their story. However, there are ways to get around this.

There are a number of websites and apps that allow you to view Instagram Stories anonymously. While some of these are better than others, they all essentially work in the same way. You input the username or URL of the person whose story you want to watch and it takes you to a page where you can view the story or download it.

Is Anon IG Viewer real?

AnonIGViewer is an online application that allows users to view and download Instagram Stories and posts by with complete anonymity. The site is completely free, simple to use, and most importantly, you do not need an account or software.


There are times where it is in your best interest to watch stories without anyone knowing you’ve done so. Or perhaps you want to maintain anonymity and privacy when viewing and downloading photos and videos.

If either of those cases apply to you, there are dozens of sites that provide a service that can help you to remain anonymous. However, given the amount of sites that offer this service and the bugginess and inconsistency in performance on each, the five listed above are all you need to get the job done.

As with anything, please use each of the above tools responsibly and happy lurking.

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